We are a global non-profit that exists to mobilize young changemakers (18-30 years) from every part of the world. 

We are supporting the development of 1000’s of next gen leaders through our unique programs and learning experiences - helping them to accelerate business solutions that directly contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Global Innovation Challenge finds and funds youth-led solutions in collaboration with a coalition of global businesses that share our vision.



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Who are
Social Shifters?

Social shifters are the next generation of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who are solving the world's most pressing social and environmental challenges - today.

This generation is the first in history that can eradicate poverty, and the last who can reverse climate change. Now more than ever - they need our support.

What does a
partnership look like?

We work closely with our partners to help them achieve their corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals. This includes designing and delivering tailored innovation challenges linked to the UN’s SDGs and aligned to specific corporate focus areas. 

Your bespoke partner programme can form part of our wider Global Innovation Challenge - which finds, funds and supports 1000’s of young innovators (from all around the world) and entrepreneurs every year!

Our partner challenge programmes also create highly engaging, meaningful and time-efficient micro-volunteering experiences to inspire and empower your skilled staff volunteers.

What's in it for you?

Our partnerships provide vital support for young social innovators and entrepreneurs and help to accelerate positive social and environmental change.  

As part of our global innovation challenge initiative, we work closely with our partners to deliver: 

  • Bespoke employee engagement and micro-volunteering programmes aligned to your organizational priorities. 
  • Deeper engagement and positive brand association through youth focused, brand-driven campaigns and digital storytelling (2021: global reach 2.2m). 
  • Individual and organizational exposure through thought leadership activities, guest speaker spots at our events and targeted PR and Media opportunities.
  • Access to a pipeline of scalable social business solutions and a large pool of youth talent. 
  • Impact evaluation and reporting on pre-agreed outcomes.

Our partners

Young Social Shifters
need support

47% believe that business is a force for good (falling from 76% just 3 years ago).

53% expect to leave their job in the next 2 years, increasingly making choices based on values.

74% have been moved to make a positive impact in their community as a result of the pandemic.*

*Deloitte Global Millennial and Gen Z Survey, 2020|21.

With your support, look what we can do...

Social Shifters
Global Innovation

Our Global Innovation Challenge is a fast, effective and scalable way of mobilising next gen leaders (18-30 years) and accelerating new solutions to defined challenges linked to Sustainable Development Goals.

The Challenge provides finacial rewards of up to $10,000 to the best business solutions in each category, plus a host of unique (free-to-access) learning experiences for our young shifters.

Download our 2021 impact report

"The STEM Challenge we developed with Social Shifters has been a huge success. The teams of young people from around the globe presented ground-breaking and innovative solutions that could have a massive impact on our futures.

However, it's more than just that. For us as a global staffing company, it’s also about building the STEM talent pipeline and showing young people that STEM is a career with purpose."

Gemma BranneySThree, Global Head of ESG


We co-designed and launched a Global Innovation in STEM Award to find, fund and accelerate the work of young mission-driven innovators that are using STEM skills to tackle social and environmental challenges. 

This included a multichannel digital campaign, a customized employee engagement plan, complete challenge management and a range of media placements and speaker opportunities.

“Young people are a shining example of Social Shifters -- they are changing the way we live and work, ensuring that economic, social, and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. We are excited to embark on this global innovation challenge helping to inspire, accelerate, and scale the work of these emerging social entrepreneurs.

 On behalf of more than 103k employees across 150 countries, we want you to join us in our pursuit of innovation and our purpose to help the world run better and improve people's lives.”
Alexandra Van Ver PloegHead of Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP


Lead partner of Social Shifters Global Innovation Challenge 2021, SAP, a multinational software company, ensured the support offered by Social Shifters could reach all corners of the world. 

SAP’s support of a Global Innovation Award and five regional award categories alongside an internationally coordinated network of skilled volunteers enabled bespoke local support for many of our young innovators.

"Through Rathbones’ continued support of the Social Shifters Global Innovation Challenge we look forward to playing our part in mobilising young innovators and entrepreneurs who are creating business solutions to social and environmental issues."

Helen Wilson
Responsible Business Manager,
Rathbone Group Plc

Rathbone Group PLC

We collaborated with the team at Rathbones’ to create the Global Innovation Climate Award which surfaced a number of incredible people and projects.

Their skilled volunteers contributed as virtual judges, mentors and instructors - coming away with new perspectives and ideas.

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Amplify your brand

We collaborate with your internal marketing teams to create impactful digital engagement activities and work to position your brand with targeted media placements.

Reach new talent

Gain access to a diverse global pool of next generation talent, motivated by purpose, driven by an entrepreneurial mind-set, and using their skills to make the world a better place.

Boost employee engagement

Supporting social and environment innovation is a trend that is set to continue. We help our partners to get ahead of this curve with unique employee engagement experiences and bespoke microvolunteering opportunities.

Deliver on
sustainable priorites

Partner with us on a cost-effective approach to funding, funding and scaling youth-led solutions, that will deliver in a meaningful way on your corporate sustainability priorities.

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