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Investment Readiness

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Finance is the fuel you need to propel your organization forward. Whether you want to win seed funding to kickstart your social venture, or to scale-up to extend your reach, our Investment Readiness program will show you how. To secure funding, you’ll need to have the right financing strategy in place. You’ll need to commit to the right funding model. You’ll also need to be ready with the right structure, skills, and business case to attract investment. This program on social finance reveals the inside secrets of investors, and it provides you with the tools and tactics you’ll need to secure funding.

This course covers these topics...

Taking outside investment may be an unfamiliar concept to you, or a complicated one at best. Learn all the basics of social finance, including the main sources of capital, what they can be used for, and who supplies them.

Nearly every business has to raise money at some point. Learn how to figure out how much money you will need, the size and timing of the raise, the most suitable sources of funding, and which investment strategy is right for you.

Before approaching an impact investor, you will need to demonstrate the viability of your business idea. Learn how to quickly consider all of the essential elements that influence financial feasibility, and build a simple model to validate assumptions.

Before asking for investment in your business, you must ensure the numbers stack up. Learn how to combine market data with accurate modelling to see if your project makes sense, given your market and circumstances.

The financial data that you produce is only as good as the use you put it to. Find out how to analyse data from your financial model, how to present it, and how to use it to make your case for investment.

Social investors give money because they want social return, as well as financial return, and they need to be confident you can deliver both. Find out how investors assess impact and how you can produce a credible impact plan to satisfy their needs.

A carefully crafted business plan will help you explain to investors how you will use the money and how you will repay it. Learn how to assess your business model and strengthen your business plan based on investors’ most common requirements.

Before investing, an impact investor will really do their homework. Brace yourself. Learn more about the deal room documentation you will need to collect, how you can deliver the perfect pitch, and how to prepare for negotiating final terms.

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