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In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, good marketing can be the difference between success and failure for startups and established businesses alike. To achieve long term sustainability, you’ll need to know how to continually evaluate your chosen market, understand your growing customer base, and reposition your product or brand. Make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition with our 9-step Marketing Essentials program.

This course covers these topics...

Marketing is a necessity. Something that all enterprises must embrace. Find out how marketing fits within your business operations, how every social entrepreneur can find the right marketing mix, and what to include in an effective marketing plan.

Customer intelligence should inform all marketing decisions. Find out how you can apply proven research techniques to find customers, get to the bottom of their needs and wants, and understand what influences their purchasing decisions.
Customers buy products and services based on two main criteria. Price and quality. Find out how to go about pricing products or services in a way that covers costs, maximizes revenues, and maintains high levels of demand.

There’s more noise than ever in the market as companies compete feverishly for customer attention. Find out how to cut through the noise and craft compelling messages that can activate demand from different customer groups.

You can’t make money if you can’t get in front of your customer. Find out how your product or service can be distributed, the pros and cons of different options, and how you can make the right placement choices for different market segments.

Lots of opportunities exist to sell to corporate and public sector buyers. Find out how to sell to other organizations, including where to find customers, how to prepare for a bidding process, and how to set wholesale prices (for volume sales).

More of our lives than ever are spent in front of electronic devices. If that’s where people are, then that’s where you need to go. Find out how you can improve your online presence, how to gear up for digital marketing, and what tools you can use.

It’s far more cost effective to retain a good customer than to find a new one. Find out the strategies you can use for customer retention, viral marketing, and customer upgrading, to increase revenues, build loyalty, and extend your mission.

The more successful you are at marketing and selling to customers, the greater your capacity for social good. Find out how to design your marketing efforts, and the tools you can use, to enable simple tracking and the measurement of results.

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