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Steps to Startup

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What's this program about?

Steps to Startup is a ground-breaking social enterprise startup program developed by the Social Enterprise Institute in collaboration with social startup experts from across the world. Made up of 8 interactive, easy to use, video-based e-learning courses that will ensure you’re building a social-purpose business to last. Learn the all the latest social startup methods as well as practical and tools to get you moving with our best-selling eLearning package.

This course covers these topics...

Every social entrepreneur starts out determined to solve a social or environmental problem. Learn to validate the extent of the problem that moves you, how to get to the root cause and how to find the right business solution.

You’ve found a need for a product or service, but exactly how much impact will result from your business efforts? Learn to plan for social impact, how to communicate your ‘theory of change’ and how to deliver tangible social impact results.

You’re committed to a social purpose – but you don’t need to go it alone. Learn how to build a strong core team, develop your network, recruit influential partners and how to mobilise an tribe of supporters behind your cause.

You’re on your way – but why waste time, money, and energy on ideas that will flop? Learn how to generate an abundance of social enterprise ideas, select a winning concept, then continually test and adapt based on a continuous loop of customer feedback.

Customers quickly become the lifeblood of your business. Learn to find your ideal market and customer base, define the qualities that separate you from the competition and why customers should buy from you.

There are suddenly a lot of moving pieces to think about. Learn about the essential components of a successful social enterprise, how they fit together and how to consciously design a business that achieves both social impact and profit.

You’ve reached a point where outside finance is necessary to fuel your ambitions. Learn to accurately assess how much money you’ll need to become sustainable long-term as well as how to navigate the financing options available and to secure the vital startup funding you need.

You’re ready to launch your enterprise after successful market testing. Learn how to keep it legally compliant, manage business finances, execute an effective launch plan, and build a distinctive brand identity.

With this course, you get:

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