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Tendering for Contracts

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Every year government bodies purchase billions in goods and services, and many of these government contracts are within reach for smaller suppliers. New regulation puts emphasis on social procurement, and government buyers are more motivated than ever to work with nonprofit and small business suppliers. If you’re struggling to navigate complicated procurement processes, our eLearning program will give you the edge you need. Learn what purchasers want and how to attract them, and get inside tactics and tips to help you bid with confidence.

This course covers these topics...

Securing contracts is an activity every sustainable social enterprise must take seriously. Learn how to effectively identify the right contacts for your business.

Ever wondered what makes public sector and corporate buyers tick? Learn how to get inside the buyers’ mindset; the influences on their decisions, the rules they must follow and what this means for you as a bidder.

The process of bidding for contracts can be a minefield. This course is your step-by-step guide to the process enabling you to make the tough choice about whether to bid or not.

The competition is tough. Everyone is chasing that contract. Learn how to make your bid as strong as possible by understanding how bids are scored and how you can structure and present your tender responses for maximum impact.

It’s not always smart or possible to go it alone. Collaboration is often key to winning and delivering contracts. Learn how to build an effective collaboration and avoid the pitfalls.

So you’ve secured that contract and now the hard work starts! Learn about the fundamentals of contract management; how to manage relationships, ensure effective delivery and mitigate risk.

With this course, you get:

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